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Space = STEM

Believe it or not, Space is now a career option in Australia.

As a pioneer space SME in Australia, we've engaged in hundreds of STEM talks and activities with schools, universities and the public in recent years. Here are some replays that were made public by our partners, covering what we see happening now and for Australia's future in space.


This is only the beginning.



Nine A Current Affair

Race to Space

Oct 2021 - A Current Affair talks to some Australians with bold plans for the Moon and beyond - incl. Gilmour Space Co-Founder James Gilmour, and Gilmour engineer Kristin Stewart.


Channel 10

Advancing Australia: Gilmour Space

Jun 2021 - Gilmour Space CEO pictured here with the Bengar Films crew during the shoot for a Channel 10 innovation episode on 'Advancing Australia' sponsored by AGL. 


ABC News In-depth

Why are we going back to the Moon, again?

Oct 2021 - ABC coverage on Australia's recent interest in flying a rover to the Moon - including Gilmour Space CEO Adam Gilmour, and Gilmour Space engineer Borika Bernus.


WSF Brisbane

The Moon in mine: A hypothetical

Mar 2021 - A fun 'what if' discussion around who owns the Moon, presented by the Queensland Museum Network for the World Science Festival (WSF) in Brisbane.


Discovery Channel

Aussie Mega Mechanics - Season 2

Aug 2021 - [Replay available only with subscription] The ultimate #behindthescenes look at one of Gilmour Space's biggest hybrid rocket test fires in 2021. 


ABC Four Corners

The New Space Age

Aug 2020 - This Four Corners episode with Michael Brissenden explored the opportunities for Australia in this New Space Age, featuring Gilmour Space as one of our pioneer space companies. 



Study Gold Coast, Career Fair 2021

Emerging Industries Panel

Jun 2021 - Cohort Innovation Space highlights some new jobs opportunities now available on the Gold Coast in AI, Blockchain and Space - with Gilmour engineer David Prime. 


Careers with STEM

Space Careers

Feb 2021 - A Careers in STEM webinar talking to four professionals currently working in Space here - including Gilmour Space software engineer Thomas Ireland.


WSF Brisbane 2021

Cool Jobs: Rocket Science

Mar 2021 - A World Science Festival Brisbane spotlight on STEM jobs that are literally out of this world - with Gilmour engineers Thomas Ireland and Kristin Stewart.


STEM Punks

Day in the life of a Rocket Engineer

Jun 2020 - STEM Punks' 'live' interview with Gilmour Space GNC (Guidance, Navigation & Control) engineer Nic Zettl.


RiAus - Education

Building Australia's Space industry

Mar 2021 - Learn about the exciting work taking place in Australia’s space sector with Professor Alan Duffy, Dr Cassandra Steer, Aude Vignelles and Adam Gilmour.