GILMOUR SPACE is a venture-backed Australian rocket company developing new capabilities for launching small satellites to space.

Founded by two brothers in 2013, this Queensland startup is now one of Australia's leading space companies pioneering new and innovative hybrid propulsion technologies that will offer lower cost access to space. 


JUL 2016
RASTA Test Launch

Gilmour Space launched Australia's first privately developed hybrid rocket in 2016. It was also reportedly a world-first demonstration of a rocket launch using 3D printed fuel. 

JUN 2017  |  AUG 2018
Series A & B Venture Funding

The Queensland-based company was one of the first space startups in Australia to receive significant venture capital investment, totalling $26 million to date.

MAR 2018
NASA Space Act Agreement

Gilmour Space signed a Space Act Agreement to work with NASA on various space research, development and education initiatives.

Record Hybrid Rocket Testfires

Gilmour Space was the first private company to successfully scale up our proprietary hybrid rocket engine, achieving a class record of 80 kN of thrust in a 17-second test fire.

JUL 2018
Space Veterans Join Advisory Board

We proudly welcomed ex NASA Deputy Administrator, Professor Dava Newman, and ex-Shuttle Commander Colonel Pamela Melroy as senior advisors to the board.

FEB 2019
Mobile Launch Platform Unveiled

In February, we unveiled our rapid response mobile launcher, the first of its kind to be developed for commercial use in the Southern Hemisphere.

JUNE 2019  |  JUNE 2020
Gilmour Space Announces University Collaborations

Gilmour Space has since signed separate agreements with the University of Southern Queensland and University of Queensland to collaborate on advancing our rocket research, and development in Australia.

JUL 2019
One Vision Launch Attempt

We successfully demonstrated our small rocket mobile launch capability during the test program, however our One vision suborbital test rocket suffered an anomaly just seconds before launch. While disappointing, the test has provided valuable learnings for our next rocket.

OCT 2019
Welcome to the new 'Gilmour Space'

To Space, the Moon, Mars, and to the Stars. Our vision, our logo...and now a new brand look for 'Gilmour Space' as we rocket into the future!

DEC 2019
Gilmour signs SSI with Aus Space Agency

Gilmour Space signed a Statement of Strategic Intent and Cooperation with the Australian Space Agency as a demonstration of our commitment to launching Australia to space.

FEB & MAR 2020
Gilmour awarded $3.25M to work on composite components 

We were awarded two grants this year -- a $3M Cooperative Research Centres Projects (CRC-P)  and a $0.25M Advanced Manufacturing Growth Center (AMGC) grant -- to work with partners to manufacture new composite parts for rockets. 

MAY 2020
Defence signs agreement with QLD rocket company

Gilmour Space is collaborating with Australia's Defence Science Technology group to collaborate on some space tech development.

More, Together.

JUN 2020
Gilmour achieves 45-second milestone with hybrid engine test

45 seconds of stable, efficient combustion in this third stage hybrid rocket engine test. More to come!

JUL 2020
Gilmour achieves 110-second mission duty cycle test fire

110 seconds of stable, efficient combustion; one of the longest hybrid engine test fires by a commercial company.

SEP 2020
Space Machines Company to launch on first Eris rocket

Space Machines Company has contracted to launch a 35-kilogram (kg) spacecraft to orbit on Gilmour's maiden rocket launch, the largest payload announced to date by an Australian space company.





Main Office: +61 7 5549 2370

General: info@gspacetech.com

Launch bookings: launch@gspacetech.com

62 Millaroo Drive, Helensvale QLD 4212, Australia

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